Entity of Beloeil

Official website of the entity of Beloeil.

Maison du Tourisme de la Wallonie Picarde 

The Maisons du Tourisme are grouped together in several municipalities that form a “tourist basin”. Their role is to welcome and provide information to tourists on a permanent basis.  They are also responsible for coordinating the tourist offices in their area.

Parcs et Jardins

With a view to making their properties and the events that take place there better known, a few dynamic owners in Hainaut have joined forces to create an association based on the English model, called “Parcs et Jardins en Hainaut”.

Asbl Valorisation touristique des parcs et jardins exceptionnels de Wallonie

In the Walloon Region, about ten parks and gardens are recognised as exceptional sites.  In order to increase the attractiveness of this tourist potential, these sites have been federated within an non-profit association which was created on 1 April 2009.

Fondation Roi Baudouin

The King Baudouin Fundation supports projects and citizens that commit for a better society. The Fundation works in collaboration with the Ligne Fundation.

Les 34 volumes du Prince Charles-Joseph de Ligne

Website of the Brussels study group dedicated to the integral presentation of the 34 volumes of  “Mélanges militaires, littéraires et sentimentaires” by Prince Charles-Joseph de Ligne.

Mais également :

Gîte Ajiste du Prieuré, place d’ Aubechies à 7972 Aubechies   Tél : 069/68 95 16

Gîte du Ruiclot (Mr Patrick Carlier), rue des Huées 14 à 7950 Huissignies   Tél : 0498/089 117

La Clef des Champs, rue Lescrève 2 à 7830 Bassily   Tél : 068/56 84 55

La petite maison d’ Aldegonde (Mme Paule Mauroy), rue de Beloeil 29 à 7973 Stambruges   Tél : 069/57 55 57

Mme Nicole D’Haenens, rue Neuve 2 à 7972 Ellignies-Sainte-Anne   Tél : 069/68 95 45