Beloeil would be honoured to welcome you, your company,your group or your enterprise to become patrons of Beloeil, this great estate, considered to be a Belgian version of Versailles.

Mécénat à Belœil 

Mécénat à Belœil

Unlike sponsorship which deals only in products and brands, Mécénat (patronage) raises the image of the enterprise. If sponsorship is a display, Mécénat is a signature.

The castle of Beloeil is surrounded by an enchanting domain of more than a hundred hectares. Around the castle with its prestigious art collections, there stretches a park in the french style, an XVIIIth century masterpiece. The entire domain of Beloeil has been given the status of major cultural heritage of Wallonia.

The Prince de Ligne’s family have been in continuous residence in Beloeil since the XIVth century giving the estate unique historical continuity. Successive generations have insured its lasting preservation.

In order to restore Beloeil’s original splendour, major works are necessary:

  • Reconstruction of the moat and the walls surround the estate
  • Careful upkeep of the ornamental lakes in the French gardens, Chevotet ‘s work
  • Restoration of the statues, iforemost among which, is the famous Neptune by A. Henrion.

Every year, donations from enterprises and private individuals contribute vital support to the preservation of the estate. An example of this was the complete restoration of a Regency Boulle table in 2008 thanks to generous donors which included the Hotel le Plaza in Brussels.

The present needs of the upkeep and support of the estate calls for new and supplementary initiatives.
The creation of the fund: Fonds du Patrimoine du château de Beloeil within the Fondation Roi Baudouin meets this objective.

The Fondation Roi Baudouin offers the possibility of creating individual funds to pursue objectives of general and particular interest.
The fund created to be used for the domain of Beloeil has the target of saving and restoring this historic, cultural, architectural, artistic and natural inheritance of the castle and its gardens.

Donations to the fund Fonds du Patrimoine du château de Beloeil will be gratefully received and might be transferred to the account 000-0000004-04 of the Fondation Roi Baudouin, Rue Brederode 21 à 1000 Bruxelles, mentionning « Fonds Patrimoine Château de Beloeil – Code LJ7820 ». Fiscal deduction are effective (CIR, Art.104).

Contribution to the fund might also be one in other European countries. (Information : Fondation Roi Baudouin, tel 0032 2 549 02 31).

Donators in the United States of America can address their donation to the King Baudouin Foundation US, Inc.(Registered office, Suite 2000, One Atlantic Center, 1201 West Peachtree street N.E., Atlanta, Georgia, 30309-34000). Contact Liaison Officer, 00.1.404 688-5525.

Bequeathals for the fund activities may be done to the Fondation Roi Baudouin mentioning the destination of the fund : Fonds pour le patrimoine du Château de Beloeil.

Fonds pour le patrimoine du Château de Beloeil
managed byt the Fondation Roi Baudouin
Rue Brederode 21 à 1000 Bruxelles
tel 0032 2 549 02 31
fax 0032 2 549 02 89

The management committee of the fund thanks you for your interest and your support.

For further information or patronage projects, in nature, technologies, competencies, please contact: