Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days
Duration: -
Location: Park of the Castle of Beloeil

Times: 4 show departures per evening -> 7pm; 7:45pm; 8:30pm; 21:15pm

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Following in the footsteps of Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio and Peter Pan, this time the heroic world of Jules Verne is brought to life in a grandiose new production. This prolific 19th-century writer, the father of science fiction, imagined fantastical exploits and machines inspired by the great discoveries of his time and the epic tales of the explorers…

Embark with Luc Petit in the footsteps of the phlegmatic Phileas Fogg, the eccentric Passepartout and a whole troupe of artists for an exotic trip across the continents. Travel at full steam ahead through a series of twists, turns and chases! Meet up in unknown lands, in the heart of burning deserts and deep jungles, on the vertiginous peaks of rocky mountains or the infinity of the oceans…

An intriguing tale of epic proportions, fire and terror, the magic of fireworks, traps and twists of fate, all dressed up in period costumes and in the company of the most fantastic animals on the planet!

On a summer’s night, challenge the shooting stars on a breathtaking race around the world: a fabulous journey that will leave you shivering in the wind of adventure and coming home with your eyes filled with dreams…