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Cercle de Belœil



High place of European culture & history, the castle of Belœil keep this position also through the Cercle de Belœil.

The Cercle which’s aim stays European, invite his members, persons or corporate, to benefit of this historical place and assist to beautiful evenings during which current topics are been presented by most interesting speakers.

The Cercle also organizes concerts; music becomes magic in the prestigious background of Belœil.

Program of the Cercle de Belœil since 2005

Program 2008

April 2008 : Conference « La fusion thermonucléaire contrôlée : une source majeure d’énergie pour l’humanité » by the Professor Em. Chevalier Paul VANDENPLAS - Président Général de l’Association des Anciens de l’Ecole Royale Militaire.

June 2008 : Recital given by the soprano, Miss Talar DEKRMANJIAN et Mister Nabil SULIMAN, baryton.

September 2008 : Conference « L’avenir de l’Europe dans la mondialisation » given by the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Durao BARROSO ;

Program 2007

May 2007 : Conference « La mondialisation du marché de l’art au XXIième siècle » by Comte Hubert d’URSEL, Board Director Sotheby’s Europe ;

June 2007 : Recital given by the international soliste, Mister Augustin DUMAY, with Miss Vanessa WAGNER, piano.

September 2007 : Conference of Mister Jean-Claude JUNKER - Prime Minister of the Grand-Duché de Luxembourg.  « L’Europe hésite, l’Europe avance ».

Program 2006

March 2006 : « L’ entreprise européenne face aux défis mondiaux », conference given by Baron Ernest-Antoine SEILLIERE, Président de l’UNICE ;

June 2006 : Recital given by the pianiste, Abdel Rahman EL BACHA, Lauréat of the Concours Reine Elisabeth ;

September 2006 : Theatre play of Maître Hippolyte WOUTERS, « L’Exil» ;

November 2006 : « Comportement et morale dans la nature », conference given by Mister Jean-Marie DELWART, Président de BIOTEC SA.

Program 2005

April 2005 : Theatre play of Maître Hippolyte WOUTERS «Haendel ou le Choix d’Hercule» ;

June 2005 : Presentation of his last book, H.R.H. Prince Michael of Greece ;

September 2005 : recital given by Yossif IVANOV, Lauréat of the Concours Reine Elisabeth 2005, with the pianiste Luc DEVOS ;

October 2005 : Conference « Projet d’une exposition à Belœil – Le paysage Flamand au XVIIième siècle » by Mister Jan de MAERE - Président de la Chambre Royale des Antiquaires de Belgique.


Your company may become partner of the Cercle de Belœil. It will reinforce its notoriety and its image, linking your organization to high quality event in various fields.

It would also enable your company to develop a network among influent people and to participate to the maintenance of a famous historical place.

To become member, partner or for more information, please contact: cercle@chateaudebeloeil.com



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